Health Projects

APWA Orangi Town Clinic

APWA provides healthcare facilities in the suburban area of Orangi town related to maternity care, child health care, vaccination (tetanus, hepatitis, haemophlus influenza). The center also promotes awareness about family planning.

Services available at APWA Orangi Town Clinic include: MCH services, Antenatal and post natal care, awareness regarding breast cancer and ADHD.

APWA Sadiqabad Centre

Sadiqabad center is situated in Orangi 11 1/2 . Services available at APWA Sadiqabad center are OPD, immunization, bone density camp, haemoglobin camp, reproductive health awareness services and materity care.

APWA Malir Centre

The Centre in situated near Haji Dil Bodth Goth. It caters to the rural population of Sindh and Balochistan. The main focus of the Centre is to improve the nutritional status of children under 5 years of age, and care for pregnant and nursing mothers. The health center has an OPD, calcium deficiency camp and awareness programs for breast cancer and family planning.

North Nazimabad Maternity Home

This maternity home is situated in People’s Colony. The unit has ultrasound, maternity care and immunization facilities.

APWA Golimar Health Project

With the funding assistance from Rotary International, the APWA Golimar Healthcare center provides immunization, maternity care and family planning counselling.