APWA Education

APWA Education


All Pakistan Women’s Association (APWA) has reopened Yousuf Goth School for the under privileged children of Yousuf Goth. The project was launched on Oct 1, 2013 with 89 students. It was a big initiative taken by APWA which has not only eased the burden of the poor and needy but has also given hope to the nation, where the literacy rate is struggling at 57% as of 2009. The low fees and high quality education are the two major elements that change the mentality of people living in Yousuf Goth. The improvement in results after the launch of this School was incredible.


This school has a large new building. It had been given to DIL for two years and now it is back with APWA .The project is a work in progress and is looking to be renovated. The children’s fee is at the minimal rate of Rs150 per month and they are taught till 8th standard.

  • Number of Girls : 100
  • Number of Boys : 85



facebook: https://www.facebook.com/APWA-School-Sadiqabad-2175893176054964/

This is a small school and is looking to be rebuilt. It goes up to the 5th standard and only charges Rs. 150/per month. The locality is struggling to develop and APWA is doing its best to help and support the community.

  • Number of Girls : 65
  • Number of Boys : 52



facebook: https://www.facebook.com/APWAschoolAyeshaSiddiqa/

The school is built based on modern school structures. The school is registered with the Board of Secondary Education for the last 29 years. There are 400 students benefiting from the school. The principal has a dedicated team of teachers. The school also has a Montessori section. The school provides children with a play area, canteen, libraries, a science laboratory, and a computer laboratory and also trains girls in arts & crafts. The success of the school can be seen in the Matric results which were mostly A’s and B’s.


The school is located under the premises of APWA Sindh (HQ), It provides easy access to education for 300 students from low-income families. The high school offers classes from pre-school to matriculation and is affiliated with the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Hyderabad.

The school has 15 class rooms, and other facilities include sports ground and a hall for extracurricular activities. A highly qualified teacher was appointed to enhance the standard of Pre-school classes, by holding workshops for teaches to train them accordingly.


facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mainbranch.sukkur/

The APWA school in considered to be one of the best schools in Sukkur. It is a community based school and provides general awareness programmes along with extracurricular activities. It is under the supervision of APWA member Mrs. Hijab Khoso. Along with this school Hijab Khoso also runs a maternity clinic for the poor women in Khairpur.

Location & Branches

  • Montessori branch which is on rented property
  • Primary and Secondary on APWA Land
  • APWA Rana primary school is at Qureshi Goth.

– Students strength 1156 in the 3 branches
– Academic Excellence, a record of 32A’s in matriculation by 25 girls and 7 boys


  • Fully air-conditioned Montessori
  • 3 generators
  • A well equipped science lab
  • A library with resources


This establishment gives services to different villages along with free medical facilities for those who cannot afford it. It has onc ambulance, one stretcher, seven beds, a dispensary and laboratory, it is community based medical center that helps women and children.

APWA Sindh has worked diligently with the support of the President of APWA and her team. Remarkable work has been done by Sukkur directress Hijab Khoso and we look forward to the continued effort of the Committee of Hyderabad and Sanghar to further the aims of APWA in empowering women and the girl child.


APWA Punjab has a wide network of 12 District Branches, 24 Primary Schools & Adult Literacy centers.


As promised in last Governing meeting held in Lahore last April, we have started the construction of our new school buildings. These schools are almost in depilatory condition and need urgent   funds for rebuilding.  The Plan for  includes   construction of following  three  schools:

  • Manga Mandi – started- renovating
  • Peer Colony
  • Talab Sarai

We have now  21 Primary  Schools and 05 Adult Literacy Centers


According to our new plan for opening of schools we are considering opening 3 Primary & Adult literacy Centers in the following areas;

  • Chowk Yateem Khana
  • Dharam Pura
  • Harbans Pura



By the Grace of God our college has successfully got an affiliation of Punjab University.


APWA is already giving one Merit scholarship under Zeenat Fida Hassan scholarship fund, under which 5 to 6 scholarships are granted to deserving student of APWA Youth College.



APWA has 12 efficiently working health centers for Mother and Child Health Care and has recently completed the evaluation for Health Centers. Following are the Few Changes that were made.

  • Shifting   of Shahdra  centre  because  of unavailability of LHV to Mehmood Boti or Begum Pura .
  • Appointment of new LHV at Gajju Matta.


  • Opening a new Centre at Khanewal
  • Total : 12 Mother Child  Health  Centre


  • Commission  of Health

We have recently got enrolled with the International Commission of Health

  • Capacity Building
    APWA Punjab joined hands with Greenacre Associates Consultancy Firm for a Capacity Building Training’s & Technical Assistance for a 2 year project for more effective working of NGO with the help of British High Commission.   Subsequently this will help us amend capacity building training on relevant topics, which will help our staff reform and adopt newer policies, procedures or systems that will make our organization more effective in delivering services and achieving its goals.
PWA Ayesha siddiqa School
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