A Micro Profile of Presidents of APWA

Begum Rana Liaquat Ali Khan : She was the founder and life president of APWA, a crusader and a great humanitarian. Armed with courage and commitment, she paved the way for Pakistani women to live a dignified life. She stood with fierce determination and selfless leadership for the cause of women in Pakistan.

Begum Daulat Anwer Hidayatullah: Begum Daulat Hidayatullah was a deeply devout women. Her mother Lady Haroon was a committed social worker, as was her mother in law Lady Hidayatullah. She was a women of strength and worked selflessly for APWA. She was passionate for social justice.

Begum Tazeen Faridi: Begum Faridi was a vibrant and lively personality. She was a hard working leader with an enquiring mind. She had also served as the Sind Minister of Social Welfare. She volunteered her services to improve the lives of Pakistani women and children.

Begum Laila Haroon Sarfaraz: Begum Sarfarz belongs to the well known Haroon family who has served the country since decades. She is an inspirational role model. A talented women who continues to work for the benefit of women in Pakistan.

Begum Syeda Ayesha Javeri: Begum Javeri was an active participant in women causes all her life. She travelled far and wide to uplift the image of Pakistani women. As the President of APWA she worked selflessly.

Ms. Charmaine Hidayatullah: