Climate Action is an important SDG for Pakistan

Climate Action is an important SDG for Pakistan

The heavy rainfalls and urban flooding across Sindh and up north in Swat and other valleys has once again brought the grave issue of climate change and its adverse effects to the fore. APWA through its national leadership and it’s representative to the United Nations, has time and again emphasized the significance of climate change at all UN-related fora.

APWA has been attending the annual UN conferences of Commission On The Status Of Women (CSW) and the Commission Sustainable Development (CSD) to share and update the progress of Pakistani women, the issues faced by them and possible solutions for their problems through international cooperation.

On SDG-13 on Climate Change APWA has once again resolved to increase the awareness of climate change through its education programmes.

“Not only is SDG-13 an important goal for APWA’s development, but it has a serious and direct impact on the progress of Pakistan. We will promote climate action through  tree plantation,sustainable consumption and production through our small industries and school awareness programs.” –Shazia Rafi

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