International Branches of APWA

International Branches of APWA

United Kingdom

APWA’s UK branch had been active since Begum Liaqat’s time. The Pakistani ambassadors wife was the Ex-Officio in 2009, then President Laila Sarfaraz registered APWA with the UK charity commission in order to branch out to a wider array of donors and this subsequently led to the formation of a trust. ( second sentence doesn’t make sense in terms of content)

The UK All Pakistan Women’s Association has just completed 4 years since its registration in the UK and has worked on behalf of British Pakistani women, representing them on the BBC, SKY and many national channels. We are connected globally through our website, and have been contacted by numerous local authorities asking for help and guidance for women of Pakistani origin. Our role is of the bridge that connects authorities and those in need. We believe our persistent hard work has contributed to British Pakistani women receiving a platform and a voice.

In the past years APWA(UK) has participated in several conferences in Geneva, Johannesburg, Iceland, CSW New York, along with a  major IAW conference held in London which was organized by the Chairperson Bashan Rafique.

Our aim of raising awareness in regard to women’s issues in the UK has been backed financially by donations, contribution by friends, through membership fees and by well-wishers, however we now need help in the form of human resources to achieve our goal.


All women organisations through meetings, conferences and congresses gatherings, the result of numerous workshops and projects which are presented to the ladies; then the resolutions are drafted, these in their turn being send to the United Nations are presented to the different countries at the assembly and drafted as international laws e.g Marriage age of the Girl Child must be 18, Genital Mutilation is unlawful. Child labour is illegal etc So APWA ratified at the family law and similarly atrocities were outlawed in the world.(So I think they are refferening to the UN cause if its based in NY it probably works with the UN resolution drafting can we ask them?)

We like many other organizations work by holding meetings, conferences and gatherings and present women with numerous workshops and projects after which resolutions are drafted which are sent to the United nations where different countries discuss,for example; marital laws and the legal age of marriage, the illegitimacy of female genital mutilation and child labor. As a result of these discussions APWA ratified the family law and inspired change by putting legal restrictions to these unlawful practices.

The Chairpersons for APWA(New York), Shazia Raffiq and Farida Ali recently attended the  CSW59 in New York. They actively participated in a march of the Beijing 20, attended All India Women Conference and other meetings (see Report) and also took part in Kenya Women’s Parliamentary Association and contributed to significant changes.


The Chairperson Fauzia Hasan collects funds for Yousef Goth School from Donors. In 2010-11 Dallas Texas Branch organized an imaginative fashion show, the theme was called Train to Pakistan clothes were donated by top designers they collected $80,000/- which was shared by another NGO AL-Zohara. The young people were Amna Javeri – Zaidi, Nadia Bashir, Nadia Zahid, Anadi Afridi, Tania Hussain, Wafa Raza.

The chairperson, Fauzia Hasan works tirelessly to collect funds for the Yousef Goth school. Of her many contributions most recently in 2010-2011 the Dallas Texas branch organized a fashion show themed ‘Train to Pakistan’, the clothes were generous donations by famous designers and the event successfully collected $80,000, this amount was shared with another NGO called Al-Zohara. Some of the young contributors were Amna Javeri, Zaidi Nadia Bashir, Nadia Zahid, Anadi Afridi, Tania Hussain and Wafa Raza.


One of APWA International chapters is to develop a sense of awareness, national consciousness and to create bonds of friendship across the globe.

In view of this objective, the first Memorandum of Understanding was signed in 1984, by Ms. Meherafroze Habib, after which the Vice President of APWA established APWA Canada. It is a registered NGO with the Canadian Government.

In 1997 to mark Pakistan’s 50th anniversary celebrations, APWA Canada celebrated an event, highlighting the Maple Project for academic scholarships to support underprivileged children. APWA contributes to education in Canada through scholarships such as The Maple scholarship which has been supporting deserving students for the past 30 years i.e. since 1984 which was begun in 1984.( does not make sense!)

In recognition of their commitment to promote education for deserving and needy students in Pakistan and to promote empowerment of women, APWA’s Toronto Chapter was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by Jim Karygiannis, Member of Parliament, and  member of the Canadian government.

The first student sponsored by the Maple Project was a hardworking remarkable student that achieved first position with  honors in the NED Engineering College, Karachi and also received the gold medal of NED presented by the governor of Sindh.

Toronto Chapter will be sponsoring six students, who will continue their studies till their graduation 1915.?

  1. Diploma   in Digital  Media
  2. Ilmiya Institute of Nursing
  3. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
  4. Montessori Teachers Training  Course  at AMI  Institute
  5. Student studying for Essentials at Institute of Advancing Careers and Talents (iACT)

This brings the total number of students sponsored for careers each year by the Maple project to nearly 120.

Ms. Zulekha Altaf BA from St. Joseph’s College, passed the one year AMI Diploma Course  in 2013 and  is now  heading the Montessori section of APWA’s  Ayesha Siddiqa School in Gujarnala Liaquatabad. It caters to 80 Montessori children and 200 other children till matric where they receive A’s and B’s. We believe that with the help of the Canadian association we can delve into  supporting more advanced courses as well.

The Toronto Chapter holds several fundraisers and celebrations, such as Annual   APWA dinners, Hi-teas and Ramdan Meena Bazar’s. The Chairperson Nazia Dar and her committee are progressive people and continue to help the National Headquarters in Education.

For the past 20 years, the Founding Member Mrs. Meherafroze Habib in National APWA has been the link between APWA Pakistan and the Canada Chapter and is now President.


  1. A consultative status (category 11) with the United Nations and ECOSOC.
  2. Drafting of the Muslim Family Law Ordinance (1961) laws which promote women’s rights within the family.
  3. Establishing some of Pakistan’s foremost higher education institutions for women including the Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Khan College of Home Economics, Karachi and the APWA College for Women in Lahore.
  4. APWA members have associated in the establishment of some of Pakistan’s premier women’s organizations such as Pakistan Women Lawyers Association (PWLA), and Pakistan Voluntary Health and Nutrition Association (PAVHNA), and Nursing Association of Pakistan.
  5. Advocacy by APWA members and their partners which lead to the establishment of women’s division by the government in 1989 which later evolved into a Ministry for Women’s Affairs.
  6. An International Conference on Gender Mainstreaming and the Millennium Development Goals in 2005 in collaboration with the Government of Pakistan and United Nations was arranged and attended by the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan.
  7. APWA representative on the National Commission for Child Welfare and Development (NCCWD). Government of Pakistan


  1. Jane Adam’s Medal 1950 (USA)
  2. Woman of Acheivement Medal 1950 (USA)
  3. Mother of Pakistan 1950 (USA)
  4. Nishan-e-Imtiaz 1959 (Pakistan)
  5. ‘Grand Cross of Orange-Nassau’ 1961 (The Netherland)
  6. International Gimbel Award 1961-62 (First Asian Recipent)
  7. Woman of the World – 1965 (Chosen by Turkish Women’s Asscociation, Ankara
  8. ‘Cavaleiro di Gran Croce’ 1966 (Italy)
  9. United Nations Human Rights Award – 1978 (New York)

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