APWA Health Care Program

APWA Health Care Program

“Health is a state of social, mental and emotional wellbeing not merely the absence of disease”.

World Health Organisation (W.H.O)

Since its inception in 1949 APWA’s a major concentration is in the field of Education and Health.

Health is a major issue in Pakistan, especially for women and children. Most of our health facilities are located in the semi urban areas of Karachi, where basic health facilities are hardly available. Our goal is to provide basic health facilities care in low income group areas at their door step, through establishment of MCH centers and mobile health services.

APWA Health Care Projects at KARACHI.


Services provided are

  1. MCH Services.
  2. Family planning and Counseling.
  3. Antenatal and Post Natal Care.
  4. Immunization and Vaccination

In 2014 a total of 7467 women and children came to OPD with different ailments. Minor ailments were treated at the clinic and patients with major ailments are referred to Qatar Hospital, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Jinnah Hospital, Civil Hospital. Family planning services were given to 640 women. Along with this 700 women were vaccinated for tetanus, Hepatitis B, and an Influenza vaccination was provided to 900 chidren according to EPI.

Monthly Health awareness sessions

  • Breast cancer awareness camp was held in February 2014 which was attended by 160 women.
  • Calcium deficiency screening camp was held in April and awareness about calcium deficiency was provided. 300 women were screened for calcium deficiency.
  • Adolescent reproductive health information is provided regularly to girls.
  • Information about STDs, RTIS, Hygiene and nutrition is provided. Two sessions were held in July and November 2014,and 700 girls attended the session
  • Awareness program against tobacco hazard was carried out with PFIZER for 1 Year in 2012. 1000 women and children took part actively in this program.
  • As Qatar Hospital is considered a“Baby Friendly Hospital”, regular sessions are carried out by senior doctors for both antenatal and postnatal mothers on breast feeding and safe mother-hood practices.
  • Awareness sessions for TB were held and Senior Health Workers from OJHA Institute gave detailed information about signs, symptoms diagnosis, treatment and how TB is spread.


Situated in Orangi 11 ½ and began its services in 1985 at which time no health facilities were available. As time passed the area was developed and APWA is now providing the following services.

  1. MCH Services
  2. Family Planning and counseling
  3. Antenatal and post natal care
  4. Management of STD’s RTIs
  5. Infertility clinics
  6. Adolescent reproductive health Clinic
  7. Immunization

In 2014  a total number of 1464 patients came to OPD with minor and major ailments. Major ailments are referred to Qatar Hospital, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Jinnah Hospital, Civil Hospital for further diagnosis and management. FP Services and awareness was provided to 400 clients.

Immunization is carried out on regular basis to both women and children according to EPI Program (Expanded Program for Immunization). 700 women and children were vaccinated. Awareness Sessions for this  are held regularly


This establishment began its work  in 2001, in an old building donated by Dr. Tahira Ansari. As patient output and work load increased with passage of time the building was rebuilt in 2011 and a subsequent expansion was carried out.

Services provided

  • MCH Services
  • Family Planning and Counseling
  • Antenatal and Post Natal Care
  • Delivery 24 Hours
  • Ultra Sound
  • Immunization (Base line)
  • Treatment of Infertility
  • Management of STD and RTI’s (Reproductive Tract Infection)

Breast Cancer awareness campaign was carried out twice in the year 2012 and Dr. Shamshad facilitated the awareness program which was attended by 400 women.

Anti Tobacco Campaign was carried out for 1 year in 2012 with PFIZER. Hazards of tobacco were conveyed to community by heath workers. Group discussion on the topic were held to further elaborate on the subject.


This old center of APWA closed down in 2010 due to some unfortunate circumstances. It was reopened in November 2014 with the help of ROTARIAN’s. Since its reestablishment primary health care and immunization is carried out at this center.


This MCH centre is situated in a village which was handed over to APWA Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Centre to oversee. The entire expense along with salaries of the community workers, medicines and equipment are being provided by The APWA National Head Quarters.

Historically Malir was gifted to APWA by Majan Bibi, mother of today’s Jan Bibi who lives in the village. A large school was built and was functioning excellently. Unfortunately now the school has been nationalized by the Government currently is a ghost school. However, the success of the health center and its performance cannot be overlooked.

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