RLCC (Ra’ana Liaquat Craftsmen’s Colony Welfare Project) is in affiliation with APWA and was established in 1949 to house emigrating craftsmen from India at the time of partition.

Today RLCC is a non-profit organization located in Shah Faisal Town working towards the development of the community through improved health, education and working towards economic independence.

RLCC aims to improve the status of the underprivileged families by enhancing educational and health facilities and by providing income generating opportunities for the women of Shah Faisal Town. The strength of this can be seen in the fact that since its inception in 2012, RLCC has trained 436 teachers through workshops.

The school organizes many events such as summer camps, Mena Bazaars and the celebration of universal children’s day. Furthermore health awareness programs on Diabetes, Breast cancer, child sexual abuse are conducted with the support of DOW diagnostic lab, Sanofi Aventics and Pakistan Medical Association.

Through UNDP projects training for women on industrial sewing machines is arranged to assist employment in partner factories.


It has been  a privilege and  pleasure to be serving this  committee since  the early 70s, especially in the presence of Begum Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Khan. Begum Ra’ana needs no introduction ; she was a dynamic  lady whose pursuit  of  doing good for Pakistan and its people converted her dreams into reality.The improvement of the status of underprivileged women was her primary objective. After partition in 1948, she started Gul-e-Ra’ana Nusrat Industrial Centre as a means of helping the refugee artisans to earn a living. Thereafter in 1949, she started an artisans colony situated on Drigh Road where they could settle and practice their trade. The G.R.N.I.C has thrived for years under first, the Begum and her Committee’s and subsequently by women who have selflessly and without any remuneration devoted  their time to the center. Today, Gul-e-Ra’ana has in-directed a team of young girls which has brought fresh impetus to the main body.


We are grateful to the founder member and Past Presidents for creating Gul-e-Ra’ana Nusrat Community Centre in 1949. It was founded by Begam Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Khan to help the female refugees from Pakistan and to empower them and facilitate them in independently earning a living.

The Gul-e-Ra’ana trained women in embroidery and handicraft activities, etc. Furthermore English lectures, accounting courses, cooking and beautician classes are also held for women.

The empowerment of women is done in various forms and extends to teaching hundreds of girls   sewing, embroidering and conducting for them beautification courses to empower them financially.

Many health programmes facilitate healthy living for women. For example health checkups, eye testing along with preventative measures and family planning are provided. We plan on working towards the vision our founders and our leader Begum Ra’ana Liaquat Ali had since since 1949 by helping these women and remaining active contributors to society.

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