Gender Equality: APWA Stands Committed to SDG-5

The All Pakistan Women’s Association is actively promoting women equality in Pakistan. Next week, APWA National will hold a dialogue of renowned activists at its Head Office in Karachi. The event intends to bring awareness regarding the sexual harassment of children and women.
Posted on 2 months ago

International Alliance of Women declares APWA’s social work as “A SUCCESS STORY FROM PAKISTAN”

The International Alliance of Women mentioned APWA’s social welfare project on its website as a success story from Pakistan. “Amidst the struggle for women rights and giving them access to legal aid, it is reassuring that APWA stands out for its dedication towards women of […]
Posted on 2 months ago
Climate Change

Climate Action is an important SDG for Pakistan

The heavy rainfalls and urban flooding across Sindh and up north in Swat and other valleys has once again brought the grave issue of climate change and its adverse effects to the fore. APWA through its national leadership and it’s representative to the United Nations, has time and […]
Posted on 2 months ago

APWA Promotes Women Football

All Pakistan Women Association held a sports promotion event at its headquarters. Young girls from Marta Football club joined the event with great enthusiasm and shared their aspirations. Most of the girls were teenage students and professional football players. APWA welcomed the girls and encouraged […]
Posted on 2 months ago