APWA’s Jail Project

APWA’s Jail Project

The sole aim of the APWA Jail Project is to provide assistance to the female inmates.  For this purpose we have started an industrial home. The goal of this is to empower women and provide service to the female inmates. APWA is the First NGO to have an Industrial Home over the last 20 years. This Project was started by APWA Youth Club in 1989. APWA is also helping women to gain self-confidence and overcome low self-esteem by becoming financially independent and earning their own living. Through learning these trades the inmates become productive Citizens of Society. Industrial Home is established to give the inmates expertise in cutting, sewing and embroidery. Indus Valley students did their thesis on APWA project on women in jail with the help of APWA management. Women and girls from jails are recieving financial benefit by introducing their various products through different exhibitions and this contributes to their empowerment and these skills may help them in finding suitable employment on their release.

Last year the Industrial Home was renovated, painted and new furniture and fixtures were purchased.  The industrial Home conducts six month long sewing courses and the instructor visits the center six days a week, businesses such as  tailoring women’s suits are brought in – thus helping them find a source of income.  To date 3000 inmates have been trained.

In SAARC Mela different NGO’s across Pakistan participated and put up stalls of different variety including handicrafts, clothes, wood crafts etc. The theme of the APWA stall was “Support a Cause” and the main driving force behind this cause was to empower women by marketing their products at various Public Places. The beneficiaries of this event were APWA female prisoners whose work was exhibited in this Mega event through the APWA stall.

The evidence of this success was in the coverage by media of the APWA and was definitely the most popular and crowded stall of the evening. Not only did the general public appreciated APWA’s initiative but also it inspired the initiatives by other NGO’s and diplomats who were witness to the success of APWA.

APWA’s mission and its vision for “Women Empowerment” is still in the ongoing aim and APWA looks forward to the day when they  will accomplish its Goal through these events, exhibitions and trainings.

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